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Diego Castro

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines


Again, this is more of a commentary than a review... Let me start off by saying that I am not personally a big fan of most versions and phenos of the famed Purple Kush, although I don't hate it. Just posed with an option, I usually won't choose the PK first. That being said, Seedsbay has left out the fact is that there are a few known different versions of the widely popular Purple Kush strain... All 3 are supposed to be clone-only. Where I'm located (toronto, the most commonly available version of PK is the SR-71 cut. It is usually very similar to Purple Urkle (possibly a hybrid) and has the typical "purple"/hashy grape flavor — it was distributed mostly by the SR-71 (now Blue Sky) Coffeeshop in the "Oaksterdam" section of Oakland, CA and most likely is a Purple Afghani x Hindu Kush. It was originally named "Ultraviolet" by its original grower in Oakland, CA (credited as "K" from Trichome Technologies according to SR71's catalog). The Garberville Purple Kush (GPK) is most notably held by Swerve, of Cali Connection Seeds fame, and tends to grow with some foxtails and has more of a straight-up Kush taste/smell with hints of "purple". The original cuts of GPK are shrouded in folklore, so there are several different phenotypes around, but generally a flowering time of around 55 days should be expected. This can extend to 70 days with particularly late-flowering cuts. It grows most favorably in soil or hydro set ups, but yields heavily in all media as long as it’s tended to properly. As ever with Blue or Purple strains, cooler temperatures will bring out the great-looking coloration. Kyle Kushman's Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK), was claimed in a New Yorker article, to be a special Purple Indica x Northern Lights find, but many have since claimed it's an S1 Bubba Kush of some kind due to the dark flavors present. Still, many old-school people claim that none of the famous clone-only PK's around are in fact the original Purple Kush, which is said to be a very special Purple Pakistani variety that was found in the late 70's or early 80's.  As you can see, the history of a strain that's been renamed several times and has several legit versions floating around gets very murky quickly. Aroma: Pungent, with notes of "purple" (incense, perfume, musky grapes), and the spicy Kush end of the spectrum as well.  The SR-71 and Garberville cuts are more "purple" in both flavor and smell compared to the Kyle Kushman/Las Vegas Purple Kush. Qualities: Eminently relaxing and rather potent, Purple Kush is definitely in touch with its Afghani-Pakistani roots.  Coming on with a slight rush of energy, that subsides quickly and leaves the user with a floaty, highly medicated body experience that makes aches and pains as well as anxiety/stress melt away.  Purple Kush is also known for being a long-laster, normally going out to the 3 hour mark.  Recommended highly for body pain, muscle relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid at higher dosages.

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Mayura Ismail



Purple kush is an amazing antianxiety strain two hits and you've forgotten what you were worried about.

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Buckminster Z. Rodgers



Once you are there you are there, when you puff the Purple Kush. It feels like a tipping point to me when I begin to smoke this herb. My caregiver Hazenberg hooked it up with a sweet eighth from L'eagle in Denver; I have been searching for proper organic medical purple here in Albuquerque; it's been awhile since I have had any quality purple from a NM source above the southern border Check. This Purple Kush (not CG Corrigan's or R. Greenleaf Organic's for sure) was like an alert Grape Ape; almost entirely purple, fluffy and crumbled into kiefy powder if squeezed, yet burned by itself for eternity in the bowl; covered in trichomes, the aroma was of fine northern California Purples; smoke was smooth as can be. The flavor was sour purple, the best and biggest bud delivering sharp sweet and sour grape flavored hits, like taking licks of grape sweet-tarts. The high washes all of your worries away.

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Purple kush where do i start...lets see smoked a bowl of this and my body went straight into a relaxed state. It felt lovely, i decided to smoked another bowl right after and while i was packing it, i couldnt help but notice the sativa effects of the strain kicking in. I started wondering how high am i really? Im not a trippy type person but alot of weird/trippy stuff happened while i was high on PK. Stuff i couldnt even explain. It tripped me out but i was too high and relaxed to care. after an hour my eyes were extremely heavy but i wasnt too sleepy, just very relaxed. I decided to watch a movie and was high the whole this indica Rate :9

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The go to weed for anxiety relief. It makes life bearable at the worst of times! You'll huff, and you'll puff, and you'll sink into the couch with some doritos without a care in the world! Very pleasant high. Wicked dry mouth though.

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Hannah Goff



One of the best indica strains I've experienced, it brightens up your supposedly dull day through giggles and one of the best body buzzes ever. I now understand why this strain is a classic.

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Robin Jara



Most powerful indica I've smoked. When you're smoking you might be thinking "Oh, this shit isn't getting me stoned" until it hits you. It hits you everything at the same time, from your legs to your ears. Music feels amazing, and you feel in great control of your body. Also, food has NEVER tasted this orgasmic. Totally recommend it for smoking it before bed, it gets you sleeping like a baby. Would be good for socializing at a party, since it does not affect the brain as much, just a clear head high.

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PK is one of those strains that I'll always have at least a couple grams of. It is one of my go to Medical strains as I am a patient suffering from Chronic Pain resulting in severe Secondary Insomnia. It's always nice to sit down at the end of the night and smoke a bowl of Purple Kush. As I take my first couple rips I feel it slowly calming me and relieving pain and somewhere around the 2nd bowl is when I call it bed-time! Definitely recommend!

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