• About Seedsbay

About Seedsbay

A Great start in finding the best offers available for cannabis seeds online!

Seedsbay started as a small comparison website back in 2014 trying to make it easier to find the cannabis strain you need at the best price. The website and the community was growing fast and we felt Seedsbay was really something that could have a leading role in the cannabis seeds industry. We scaled up, hired developers and started on this brand new application you are using today.

With the arrival of Seedsbay the market of cannabis seeds became more competitive. Consumers have an independent place where they can browse any strain available with real time offers, independent reviews and so much more. We are glad hear so much positive reactions and feedback on Seedsbay.

We hope you have a nice journey in buying cannabis seeds with the best deal available!

Seedsbay so far:


New website launched.


New strategy planned, hired 2 new developers and a marketing specialist, mature update on website.


Hit 1 milion pageviews, first official employee, partnered up with multiple seedshops.


First version of Seedsbay launched.