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What are Sativa Seeds

Sativa is one of the two main variaties in cannabis plants, the other one is Indica. Sativa cannabis seeds are originated in the sub-tropical areas in South-East Asia, in these days you will find Sativa cannabis pants in climates like Mexico, Thailand and even South-Africa. Sativa seeds are known to grow into tall plants, are grown outside and have a long flower period of 60 to 90 days. The effects of Sativa cannabis is often described as ‘high‘ giving a mind buzz, Sativa is an uplifting and energizing cannabis type of plant.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Buy Sativa seeds online and grow large cannabis plants with huge buds. Sativa seeds are great to grow outdoor, and they need the space, since the cannabis plant might grow twice your own length! On this page you will find all Sativa seeds known which are available to buy. On every Sativa seeds page, we have listed all the seedshops where you can buy the Sativa seeds. Making it easy to find the best offer to buy your Sativa seeds with Seedsbay.

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