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What are autoflowering seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds will grow into cannabis plants which will yield buds from the start. Regular and feminized plants need a change in the cycle of light to flower. Autoflowering seeds (it is all in the name) will flower automaticly from the beginning. Although autoflowering plants will produce less yield as feminized and regular ones, the autoflower plant is much quicker and has finished within 12 weeks mostly. If you want an easy and quick growth, autoflowering cannabis seeds are your best choice.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

The easiest way growing cannabis plants is with autoflowering seeds. No need to change lightcycles or remove male plants along the way. Just seed and grow! All the seeds in this section are autoflower seeds. We have listed almost every autoflowering strain known and added an overview of seedshops where the autoflower cannabis seeds are for sale. You can easily compare offers and find yourself the perfect deal in buying autoflower seeds online.

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