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What are Indica Seeds

There are two main variaties in cannabis plants, indica and sativa. Indica cannabis seeds originated in Central-Asia in countries like Tibet, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The indica plant will grow short and bushy, the buds will be denser as sativa buds. Indica seeds has a short flowering time from 45 to 60 days. The effects of indica cannabis is often described as ‘stoned‘ and give a body buzz. Indica cannabis seeds are often used to grow indoor since the plant stay short.

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Buy indica seeds online and grow short and bushy cannabis plants with dense buds. Indica seeds are perfect to grow indoor since the indica seeds will grow into shorter plants as a sativa does. In this overview you will find indica seeds which are available to buy. We have listed all the seedshops where you can buy this indica cannabis seeds. So find your favorite indica seeds and get yourself the best deal using Seedsdbay.

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