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Very nice earthy strain! This strain is definitely more of an indica and gives you a great body high and is great for just chilling out. Won't just knock you out but if you are a little tired it will give you that extra push to being sleepy. We may never be royals but we will always be boat times.

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Just Picked up this strain last night, and wow the Royal Kush is a great strain. Its a creep high, one minute, I sat there with confusion about how high I was going to get off her. All of a sudden she hit me with her hybrid characteristics, as I felt full relaxation in my body with stress flowing away. Great high for the night time and great for sleeping!

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Anaël Rolland

Saint Barthélemy


This is the strain that will turn me into a fat person! Every time I've smoked this I've got munchies like I've never felt before, and I do something terrible like eating an entire box of twinkles, going to McDonald's to abuse the dollar menu, or both... Usually both. That being said, this is one of the bet strains I've ever had the pleasure of smoking! It hits like a train. At first when you smoke it you won't feel much of an effect, but 10 minutes later you will be floored, and this strain's effects last longer than any I've smoked, sometimes up to 4 or 5 hours. The ride starts off with a powerful Sativa-fueled sense of energy and happiness, and moves into an indicatic chill out. Don't plan on walking anywhere far while using Royal Kush because when the second part of the buzz hits your body will feel like it ways 1000 pounds, and walking long distances will have you fed up quickly. Lastly, plan on hitting the hay after using this medicine, because that is how it will end a lot of the time. All in all, GREAT strain.

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Clara Rey



I had to give this 5/5 because I was so impressed and surprised that it made my neck pain go away. I was in a car accident recently and have tried every OTC pain reliever and nothing has even diminished my neck pain until I tried this strain. Wonderful, light flavor that is graciously smooth on the throat. Not as heavy hitting as I'd anticipated but more of a slow onset high. I do find it worth noting that this strain was vastly more beneficial to me for muscle pain relief and much less for relaxation. This could just be me, of course.

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Zeph F. William



You must try this strain. This is the supreme dank daannkk. Partook of this strain in the form of crumble in my dab pen. The high is a very rich feeling, happy, and heavy if that makes sense. The high truly feels "royal". The effects are very narcotic. Seconds after taking a hit you feel heavy euphoric sedation take hold of you. Royal kush just makes u feel so content and couch locked. I hope I convinced you to try this strain because you fucking should. Perfect rainy day strain to get stoney baloney. Great lemoney, piney dank taste. 10/10 strain

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Magical...we smoked this kusshhyyyyy lady at full-moon rise over the Red Rocks...dreamy up creative kind peaced out pain relief....oh,creeper alert!...Beautiful mind tranquil body high. Kick back and watch the passing parade...peace...

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Rachel Fitzgerald



Royal Kush aka Master Kush sister plant, Creeper plant feel it in the shoulders down to the feet with a tingle finishing off with chronic munchies, dead sleep after.

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The Royal Kush nugs are compact and darkish purple in color with white trichomes all over. Has an herby skunkish smell, and a light enjoyable smoke and flavor, with a fruity after taste. The high is buzzy and enjoyable guaranteed to leave you sideways. Almost feels like popping a Vicodin. Recommended.

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