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Riccardo Piazza

Bouvet Island


They should call this, "dumb as fuck," cause that's exactly what it made me. I dropped 50 IQ points when I toked. The best part about this weed was that it was super strong, but more or less made me slow down and lose concentration. This worked really well for my OCD thoughts or when I was having a bipolar 2 episode. However, it wasn't really good for recreation or being productive. You basically lose all your focus. I couldn't even watch TV, let alone leave the house. So i basically just used this strain as my "calm the fuck down" medication when I was at my worst.

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Strain: Master Kush (two separate Landraces of the Hindu Mountains crossed -- Indica through and through) THC: Unknown CBD: Unknown Grower: Tom Location found: OMMP trade at Freddy’s parking lot Date acquired: 1.30.16 Weight: 29.1g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Some think it is not a natural cannabis aroma. I smell some citrusy, earthy mountains. Almost as if I hiked to the top of a monstrous mountain at sunrise and licked the dew off a stone (the good part of the taste of course). This strain is what vinyl records smell like to the heads loving vinyl over computer generated. Bookworms smelling a library full of pungent paper over gazing into a screen. This is the original gangster. Not like kicking ass like Ice Cube but like the guys back in the mob during alcohol prohibition. The ones that did not have to talk to be heard. This is what Kush smells like to me. All the Kush smells in the world seem to stem from this strain to me (might be my history and trajectory). Find a beautiful representation of this strain and give it a taste; that is what the last century tastes like. Look: Not the most potent version but still pretty amazing. Light green nugs and the midsize ones and bigger were pretty dense too. One day trimming in Oregon will be something done fully. After trimming it up, changed the appearance from a shaggy vagabond to 007 tux . Taste: The spicy earthy straight up Kush profile is strong on the inhale and fade from the tongue fairly quick for how potent tasting it was immediately. I enjoy the citrus original flavor. Recommendation for medicine: Sleep at night. Not much activity if used during the day. Will definitely slow one down and have to sort out some deeper thoughts. It could have been Zen Master Kush and I would be down with that.

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Fredericka F. Cummings



This is my default strain lately. It has a very potent but level effect from start to finish, and just tends to take the edge off of things enough so I can relax, enjoy, but still focus on whatever I am doing at the time. I am a casual smoker, so usually it's the weekend and I am doing things around the house, yard work, etc. I also like this one when I am going to hang out at a bar with friends because it allows me to be "present" and social. Some other strains tend to make me check out too much for that. I can also read some pretty heavy books while using Master Kush, which is nice since I am into all kinds of philosophical subjects. It's a good one for video games and movies since it doesn't tend to cause your mind to wander much like other strains do. Medicinally speaking, I suffer from some hereditary depression and anxiety which I have mostly controlled without the use of any drugs at all, thanks to educating myself about the problem. However, there are some days where I wake up and I get some depressive effects and I become quiet, irritable and unmotivated. A small hit of Kush tends to alleviate this for me, and put me in a much better mood. Even once the effect of the weed wares off, I seem to have shaken off the depression I had felt prior.

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Manuela Grassi



Very strong dank pungent smell & couch lock high. Those that have strong tolerance to a strong high this is a anytime use and for those that smoke rarely make sure you smoke at nighttime or for a video game session

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Armando Lewis

Central African Republic


Very strong dank pungent smell & couch lock high. Those that have strong tolerance to a strong high this is a anytime use and for those that smoke rarely make sure you smoke at nighttime or for a video game session

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Villa Verde


One of the most powerful strains I've ever smoked. Being that it has kush in the name, I thought it was going to be a strong body high, and it was, but it was also quite psychedelic. When smoked in small amounts, it's good for pain and munchies, and is a relatively social strain, however, if used in excess, I would seriously stay the hell inside.. Not only does it numb your entire body, but definitely alters your perception of images and heightens senses like crazy. Be aware that when I say "excess" I mean five bong rips, half a blunt, and a bowl of the pipe. ***NOT A BEGINNER STRAIN*** (it's a one hitter for those with weaker minds)

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Roxana Poblete



HOLY KABLAMMO! I was looking for something for sleep, as in knock me out, and THIS IS IT! It could also be renamed as "Punch in the Face". Immediate results. I sure wouldn't hit this and drive. Hit it - go to bed.

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Pär Svensson



I'm a medical user from Tilray here. I'm going to break down my review for users who are new and curious to this strain and more moderate weed enthusiasts. New Users: If you enjoy the stoned feeling, this weed could be for you. The taste is rather mild. I did this with a volcano vape. Small quantities go a long way. If you enjoy getting really "messed up" this would be ideal with higher quantities. The high is quite mellow, but I couldn't concentrate at all. You're so relaxed once it kicks in (I vaped slowly and it took about 15-20min.) to set in. The set in is more or less just your body is forced into a relaxed state and everything's much calm and mellow. It's a sweeter taste of many weed strains. It doesn't have a harsh tone/vape feel. Using the volcano, other than a small smell at the beginning taking the piece off the volcano, your room won't smell much - if at all since it doesn't have that slinky scent. If you don't enjoy getting "head/body high" and THC potent things are not for you, feel free to stay away from this strain and try a lower strain or high-CBD strain. Moderate Smokers: if you enjoy mellow, and getting high on a higher THC strain this is as mellow as it gets! It sets in slowly and it's really just a relaxer if anything. Taste isn't bad like mentioned earlier. THC: 22.7% (Tilray was great. I ordered and it came in 2 days after the order was placed. Zero damaged goods and nothing was wrong with the product) I don't enjoy the high feeling as much as others. So for me, I wouldn't rate it favourable since I'm a more low THC OR HIGH-CBD user but for the review of the product - it's a rather great weed for those who need a relaxer type weed so I'm rating it based on what it's for not personal use. Personal (someone not interested in getting mega high) 3 - tolerable. But all and all, 5 stars across the board.

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Athena Koch



I always try my herbs before coming online and reading on them to keep my judgement unbiased. Seedsbay's review on Master Kush is spot on. I want to highlight the sensorial intensification, from videogames and movies all the way to sex, it can really help you get a bigger kick out of what you're doing.

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