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Buy Aurora Indica seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Aurora Indica cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Aurora Indica seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Aurora Indica seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Buy Aurora Indica seeds

Aurora Indica regular seedsfrom Nirvana€ 1.95 / seedBuy seeds
Aurora Indica feminized seedsfrom Nirvana€ 5.00 / seedBuy seeds
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Buy Aurora Indica seeds

Aurora Indica regular seedsfrom Nirvana€ 1.95 / seedBuy seeds
Aurora Indica feminized seedsfrom Nirvana€ 5.00 / seedBuy seeds
View all offers for Aurora Indica seeds

Aurora Indica specifications

Read the Aurora Indica seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Aurora Indica seeds.

Variety90% Indica and 10% Sativa
THC level16.5%
CBD LevelLow

About Aurora Indica seeds

Aurora Indica is a strain which is mainly indica and has a level of 16.5% THC. This strain has a low percentage of CBD. Aurora Indica has similarities with Afghani and Northern Lights with an average of 10% sativa and 90% sativa. Grow Aurora Indica seeds and get a fine marijuana plant with generous crops. Grow Aurora Indica seeds into a nice and bushy marijuana plant, the Aurora Indica has an average flowering time.

The Aurora Indica has a Sweet, Berry, Earthy, Pine and Spicy/Herbal taste and the aurora indica has a uplifted, euphoric, happy, relaxed and sleepy effects.You can buy Aurora Indica seeds in 72 seedbanks on the internet, find the offer that suits you and get your Aurora Indica seeds at the best price.

Aurora Indica flavors

Is it good to know what the flavor of Aurora Indica is before you buy Aurora Indica seeds online. It said Aurora Indica tastes mostly like:

  • icon for flavor Sweet Sweet
  • icon for flavor Berry Berry
  • icon for flavor Earthy Earthy
  • icon for flavor Pine Pine
  • icon for flavor Spicy/Herbal Spicy/Herbal

Aurora Indica effects

You want to buy Aurora Indica seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Aurora Indica strain. Aurora Indica is known for the following effects:

  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy

Where to buy Aurora Indica seeds

We have listed all seedshops where you can buy Aurora Indica cannabis seeds. Compare prices and offers before you buy Aurora Indica seeds and get yourself the best deal available.

Name Type Seedshop Availability Price Per SeedSeed

Aurora Indica Feminised Seeds

by Nirvana
FeminizedSeedsman1€ 5.00 per seedBuy at SeedsmanBuy seeds

Aurora Indica Regular Seeds

by Nirvana
RegularSeedsman1€ 2.00 per seedBuy at SeedsmanBuy seeds

Aurora Indica Feminized Seeds

by Nirvana
FeminizedSeedSupreme1€ 5.80 per seedBuy at SeedSupremeBuy seeds

Aurora Indica

by Nirvana
RegularGYO Seedbank1€ 1.95 per seedBuy at GYO SeedbankBuy seeds

Aurora Indica reviews

Read what other people has to say about Aurora Indica seeds.

Most helpfull

Solomon from Izmir


I have 40+ years experience growing and using cannabis, a masters degree in agri/horticulture from MSU and will break each review down as follows from my own personal experience with seeds or clones obtained directly from the original breeders: I would like to first note that although a very nice strain, my experience was nothing like Nirvana describes and I would describe it as more of a hybrid than an indica dominant strain and from the reviews of others I know and the reviews on this site and others, I'm not alone in not getting what I expected and may be the reason why reviews are not as high as they should be. It is a F1 hybrid which could explain the different variations and getting some that are very different than they intended. Use; Has more hybrid effects and is not a strong indica that makes you relaxed, happy and euphoric but it doesn't give you couch lock or make you want to sleep. It is still good for pain, muscle spasms but again, if you are looking for strong indica effects, than this isn't the best choice This supposed indica dominant strain has a more hybrid balanced effect with relaxed, happy euphoric cerebral feelings but not a lot of physical couch lock type effects, like an indica should. The effect is good for symptoms such as pain, & muscle spasms but it won't make you feel like you have to go to sleep. The effects are great and useful, just not as they are described by the breeder so if you are looking for something with strong indica type effects, than I wouldn't recommend this. Buds are very dense and have a very pleasant odor that is hard to describe. It's kind of earthy with a strong chocolate smell with hints of spiciness. Reminded me of a strain I used to get in the old days called Chocolate Thai. Grow; Indoors: Finishes in 9-10 weeks Outdoors: October 17th at 42*N latitude Although this plant doesn't have the strong indica effects one would expect it definitely looks and grows like an indica. The leaves are very wide to the point of overlapping. Plant is short and stout looking like an indica should but just like the effects are more hybrid type, so is it's flowering time. I wanted this specifically because Nirvana stated that it would finish in mid September and it definitely displayed more sativa characteristics, finishing late in October. The weird thing is I germinated 3 seeds I ended up using and all three seemed almost identical, which is not only weird for a F1 but also makes it strange that every phenotype seemed so much alike and nothing like it's described.

Most recent

Cruz from Arnesano


This is the perfect Indica, spicy taste bordering on an assault on the sense when you smell your fingers after breaking the buds apart, regularly causing sneasing sessions with the sensory overload, nice but not at the same time. Anyway sidetrack (smoking this right now and just drank a cannamilk concoction from 35g of old dry stems so better get this finished before that takes effect), the medicnal properties are straight to the point, great for tension, anxiety, stress, nausea, lack of appetite, insomnia especially, anyone having any issues with muscular tension (I have a ruptured disc in my spine and right now can't feel a thing except that i really need a piss but not enough to make myself go quite yet), did i mention the sleep properties? I have struggled with a staying asleep more than an hour at a time without waking up because i moved my leg in my sleep, with Aurora I just got to make sure i make it to the bed ebfore the mdeication takes full couch lock effect, (dammit stoner typo demon kicking in but all the right letters are there you can work it out, probably didn't even notice the error lol). Excellent social relaxant and especially good for anyone who wants to avoid or has difficulty with any of the cerebral psychedelic high side effects associated with medication like Super Silver Haze. if you need to relax, eat properly and sleep you can not beat Aurora Indica, just time for one last little vape before this milk has me out cold

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