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Afghan Cow Reviews & Ratings - Read reviews on Afghan Cow cannabis seeds online
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Afghan Cow Reviews

What do people have to say about Afghan Cow? Read reviews on Afghan Cow and know what Afghan Cow is all about. Do you have experience with Afghan Cow? Write your own review and help other people out!

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  • 100% recommends Afghan Cow

  • Last review on 2018-01-29





This strain hit me in like 3 puffs. It is definitely a cerebral high. I'm extremely focused and on task. Feeling very creative. I will definitely give up coffee for this sativa.?

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Rukma Kumar



Lovely smell, great taste. Stone is happy with no negatives like anxiety or paranoia. Lovely smoke

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Get light happy head high. Comes on gradually but really a good feel all around one of my new favorites.

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Bodhan Raj



Very great for daytime use, very little burn out, sweet taste, not harsh and not overpowering for those new smokers looking for something calming. Great strain, I recommend for those who are anxious or have trouble focusing on one task at a time.

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Thomas Andersson



Really good strain. Deep, calm and psychedelic

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Pearl M. Bates



Natural sweet smell and taste. Never felt a more focus high

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Viet Nam


I kept this strain In flower for a very extended amount of time, over 12 weeks.. She was almost all amber, this made for an amazing situation! The intensity was insane, Your head will feel like a band Is around It! Lots of creativity for art with this strain, lots of over-alertness to..haha. Overall, like a very weak acid experience, like very low dose. Flavor was vanillaeque with skunky earth. As usual I grew In organic soil, with CO2. She cured for over a month, then was all pressed into wax.

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