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Saint Lucia


Indonesian Favorite

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Eileen Reyes



If you live in Indonesia, you should try this for your health. but this illegar in Indonesia, the best way to get this strain is through the illegal seller too.

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Jessica Pinna



its my favourite strains because im indonesian people and i smoke all day long everyday making me happiness and fully creativity

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Piper Schwartz

Bosnia and Herzegovina


the best cannabis in Indonesia

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Aceh strain is good ... not to high, its to hard to find the fresh here because is illegal in Indonesia, at least its natural grown in Aceh .. the best weed ever...

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Thomas Bodin

San Nicolás


Smoke the weed dont smoke the seed either wise u will get headache

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I lived in Indonesia for about 9 years and smoked a ton of this weed. It's one of my top 5 favorites. Maybe top 3. It was reliably a relaxing, feel good sativa with next to no paranoiability. Mellow but energetic. Dark chocolaty earthy, citrus, spiced smelling buds with a stringy consistency. It actually looks like it's going to be terrible. Not so however. I've not smoked anything quite like it. *Sometimes the buds are soaked in liquid methamphetamine that's also produced in the region and sold as 'Special weed' or 'Tripping weed' but it's ice, plain and simple. I learned that one the hard way a few times.. So any legend of super charged sativa from Sumatra may have to do with the ice factor.

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Good strain for chill and relax. But never find the fresh one... Not to strong , not to smell, is to hard to find the fresh one because its illegal in Indonesia. You will not smell like skunk with this strain. 1 bong hits thc level is okay... Munchies , sleep good, wake up fresh, dont to much maybe cause headache because the quality never get the fresh from the tree but is naturaly grown in Aceh, more natural is more hard to find , some people say death penalty apply in Indonesia maybe because u will become a legend if u smoke this strain and death... This strain is not addictive totally hard to find the green one the more green is more , bcause the neighborhood grass allways more greener. Find our strain in Bali follow Instagram thegiliway , or maleybali and ready to get lost in Indonesia dare you hard well

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