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1024 Reviews & Ratings - Read reviews on 1024 cannabis seeds online
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1024 Reviews

What do people have to say about 1024? Read reviews on 1024 and know what 1024 is all about. Do you have experience with 1024? Write your own review and help other people out!

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  • Last review on 2017-11-12





Variedad Sativa fácil de cultivar en indoor, muy buena estructura y floración rápida para una sativa, efecto fuertemente eufórico, risas y al final una relación de relax sin llegar al sueño. De mis sativas favoritas.

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Holy shit

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El Salvador


very smooth strong high, taste of lavender and fruit. very unique strain

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Warning: Very Potent I was hesitant on buying this Strain because of the price, but a deal happened, and jumped at it. I'm a Sativa guy and nit picky about a lot of strains.......but......Holy Shit! Very potent, hits fast and very easy on the lungs (Flower) during inhale/exhale. Not much of a aftertaste. Method:Bong 2ft (2 hits) Starts off very focused and and uplifting with insane focus. Probably the best I've had since having Alaskan Thunder fuck. Pain slowly goes from joints and tingles, but not much towards muscle pain. One thing is it will make you a little giggly and talkative, but like I said earlier, you stay on task. Mood: Relaxed, calm, no stress.....actually you really don't care about anything else but one thing.. best way I can say it. Purchased at Desert Rose, Phoenix, Az Overall, I'd put this in my number #2 spots easy, up there with Alaskan thunder fuck. #MMJinDepth

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Ambre Martin



Great strain! Potent but subtle. You don't realize the high until you start giggling. OK. Now...Feel the mellow, happy, contented aura surrounding you? Ahhh!

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Very complex taste. Fruity, flowery, herbal. High potency. Gets me zoned in and focused. Energetic, and sharp. Leaves an amazing fragrance in the room.

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wait a sec, are sure this isn't Maui waui! stuff burns and taste hella close to Maui. the high comes on easy and definitely makes talking and hanging smooth. the fruit smell makes it good for a relaxing day and or a day out.ha

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Vladimir G. Brennan



Good clean head high. Smells and tastes great too. Perfect cerebral state of mind. (y)

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