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This strain is my favorite next to White Lotus, but it is sad to see this Goddess has yet to make it to Seedsbay made for study or examination because it has truly profound medicinal abilities, take 2 bowls at night and you'll be hearing bells ring, erotic music, and then you will drift into a deep sleep with a heavenly feel!

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I am not sure what is WRONG with this page! The strain is being named as White Shark and a Sativa dominant, when it clearly specifies on the growers Harmony Farms web page that White Tara is an EXCLUSIVE strain, that someone needs to get in and figure out what they cross to make it! Starting from the fact that White Tara is the Goddess of Compassion, and an Indica dominant strain. If your lucky enough to get it, the strain is perhaps my favorite next to Purple Buddha. White Tara is extremely intense of a high and gets hyper intense with extreme amounts of euphoria it knocks you out and leaves you waking up wanting to run a marathon or make a PR in the gym (crazy amounts of energy when you wake up, this stuff should be spread around the entire world and is 10X better than Blue Dream, so if you absolutely love Blue Dream, then growers NEED to get serious about figuring out how to spread this phenomenal bud everywhere around the world!

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Éloïse Guyot



I am puffing on a Harmony Farms Co2 cart of White Tara, I took one draw and then slowly decided that I didn't need another. Thick, flowing stoney, gonna be sleepy, entertaining though!

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