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Destroyer Reviews & Ratings - Read reviews on Destroyer cannabis seeds online
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Destroyer Reviews

What do people have to say about Destroyer? Read reviews on Destroyer and know what Destroyer is all about. Do you have experience with Destroyer? Write your own review and help other people out!

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  • 8 reviews

  • 75% recommends Destroyer

  • Last review on 2018-02-21





Destroyer,the name says it all,I've been growing this strain for the last two years and the wife four years prior,so we have six years experience with it.Its very leggy,arms everywhere,during flowering it almost triples in size,1.5 - 2 metres high. easy to train though,very suited to LST,suits the sea of green tech very well,buds are pretty dense ,well frosted,in fact they frost up 3 weeks into flower,very fast also at 56 days.medium yield approximately 3 Oz a plant but I've had 7 3/4 Oz of a single plant in an Oxypot xl 60 litres.likes light feeding EC 10 , 1000ppm.The high is very clear but strong,a bit trippy,gives you a lovely body buzz,quite numbing,superb taste,very sativa sweet,slight skunkNo1 notes,old school.proper head turner.Try it ,its a keeper.

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Kermit H. Stewart



Beautiful buds, sweet tasting. This got me feeling great!

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Victor Lucas



Meao Thai x Mexican x Columbian. Destroyer is a new AMAZING strain I came upon the other day. The bud were very small and super fluffy, and was as if somebody poured a tub of sugar over it after. Just absolutely covered in trichomes. I am hearing that this bud take 8-12 weeks to harvest and that the longer you wait with this strain, the mores potent the strain will be. But more importantly, the yields are huge and plentiful. To me the strain smells like straight chemicals and blue cheese, and I LOVE IT. The buds almost remind me of like a chemdawgish look with a dark hint of purplish green running up thru it and the sugar coat upon the buds. I'm and indica guy, but this is a really great Sativa.

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Top shelf sativa. Surprised it took so long to surface as it's been one of my favorites for five years. Pretty easy grow but be patient and go easy on nutes. Potent, yet energetic and creative high!

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Harper H. Roth



Seems potent af.. I gotta at least try me some, that's for sure!!!

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Kellie E. Mullen



I got a steal @ an Oz for 120 because the buds were a little ugly, but this is a sick ass sativa! Heavy hitting and uplifting, I'd take this over coffee any morning!

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Whitney Monroe



I'm very happy to learn of this strain. While I have reviewed many hybrids on this site, of late I've concluded that most of the new brands are just that -- expert operations in branding. There are plenty of potent strains out there. But few of them have the pristine, clear-as-a-bell amygdala pop of an oldfashioned landrace Sativa. I think it's time we connoisseurs and growers got back to basics. Forget giant buds, addle-headed Indica stones and cloying, turpene-heavy afterodors that embarrass, annoy and bore. Let's get back to the way great herb used to be, simple, pure and kick-ass.

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Shad O. Howard



Dank, musky and powerful!

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