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Yadiel Garrido



The new amsterdam is currently selling flower that was harvested 8 months ago and tested in january (currently 5/24/17). Everything in store is pre -packaged and unless you read all of the fine print on your testing label you will only be tipped off by the degraded quality of the product you bought. Would not recommend, seems very shady.

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Acton Garrison

Crystal Springs


blue dream purchased shatter in oil cartridge . never had it before. two hits from vape and all my body pain went poooof! and my mind alert. wow! will try it in morning. i deal with fibromyalgia and cervical neck pain and ptsd this is really worth trying in oil/ vape of this herb oil. blue dream shatter in oil pen. purchased at ultra health in Sivler city nm 88061 zip code. am now at ease and will be able to get through a narcissistic divorce controller partner...

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Cache Creek


Very sweet and limey, and the buzz was more sativa-ish for a hybrid. I compared it to a GG#4, but with more of a citrusy undertone.

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